Kast Family of Products


This was an extremely in depth project that was sponsored by freescale Semiconductors. The task of the project was to research 17-22 year olds and find out how they where watching t.v, and to develope a series of products that fit into their lifestyle. After several weeks of contextual research we discovered that our demographic needed products that where more geared towards multi tasking. We developed the Kast family of products. The system consists of a central set top box hub, a touchscreen remote with augmented reality screen and rfid wall sensors that could send a signal to electronic devices to change the users interface, depending on what room of the house they are in. As well as the research and products I also developed interfaces for each of the products. A much more in depth view of this project can be seen under the videos tab titled Freescale Day In The Life.

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There is a video called "freescale Day In The Life" under the videos tab that goes into much more detail on this specific project

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